Monday, April 28, 2008

oh hello

I just discovered this was still in working order. And girls, I don't think anyone reads it but us. Niki, you should christen your bike "Stella Mary" and paint it yellow. Olivia, you should come home. Pesto cavatappi on reading day? Good, it's settled.

new now

I am about thirteen years behind, but I have finally learned how to ride a bike. I can make wobbly turns and coast. It's only been one day, but I am so pleased with myself and have been looking at pretty vintage bikes online all day. College girls bike adventure one day?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

good idea

If someone you know is mourning a dead person, don't give them a pound cake because they already ate a lot of that and now they're sad about their own health as well as the recent death. Make them a big green salad and put dijon mustard in the dressing.

Well anyway I made a salad for all of us myself. It turned out fine. I'm just saying, coffee cake and brownies really suck. I just practiced my splits to feel better about myself with minimal effort. Still got it.

Miss you, college girls. I'm going to pack us a picnic and we will eat it on the quad in bikinis.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i'm confused

this day's been tumultuous.
1. i spent the whole thing listening to "odb, don't go breaking my heart", which is the wildest song i've heard in a while and is the official summer jam 08 (ODB died three and a half years ago, whatever I don't care)
2. i got into my top school and that was strange
3. niki and i went to japanese class (we aim for 50% attendance) which was weird enough, and then we rode an emotional rollercoaster playing Destiny and finding ourselves very appropriately .... destined
4. my grandpa died which is miserable
6. while i found out, "odb, don't go breaking my heart" was playing which was a bummer for about two thousand reasons.
7. now i'm in chicago and it is not going to be fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


often times, olivia and i set out to do homework in an empty unit one classroom and these little work parties quickly turn into a youtube spree consisting of dolly parton music videos and reba/kelly clarkson duets. then we write little poems about the people who are in the room with us and talk to each other on gmail chat. finally once the place has cleared out, we try video chatting with emily. it never works out and our homework is never done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight Niki and I are working in a Unit One classroom on some papers. I told her I would buy her two Sparks this weekend if she finishes her Japanese assignment before 2 AM (I had to up that number from one when she kept insistently facebook creepin/ reading the Illio from 1952) and she's still only marginally amped. College makes girls jaded and drunk.

Lifestyle inspo:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

very much

When I looked at my fellow college girls over our steaming bowls of pesto cavatappi today, I got this swell of sentimental warmth that I'm pretty sure is just like my dad's story about the moment he knew he was going to marry my mom: all the sudden I could see the houses we'll keep and the children we'll raise and the way we'll dress when we're old. My mom thinks she is getting uglier and my father is getting more handsome as they get older but it doesn't matter because if you believe her, she wishes she went to Smith and never met my father. I'm not going to go to Smith because I'd be missing on my existing collegiate sisterhood in favor of a forced and foreign one. I don't totally know what I'm doing but I swear I'll figure it out in the next seventeen days. Goodnight, very much love to Urbana, Illinois.

bucky done gun

bucky friended me and i actually lol'd until i started coughing. i guess there is something appealing about a drunk girl who insists you walk her home. then she ditches you and blames you in the morning for not looking out for her safety.