Monday, June 14, 2010

too fast

i don't know how my insomnia tonight led me here but it seemed only right to say something. it's been over a year since any of us have posted anything but now it's the summer before senior year of college and before i manage another night of insomnia, college girls will actually be over forever and we'll be grown up girls. here is what i think every girl is up to this summer. olivia is on a naked road trip with ryan mcginley which makes me almost sure that she will be walking down a runway within a year. stella is doing summertime chi, living downtown with her uncle who is making her eat foods with flavors in preparation for her semester in turkey. i'm in urbana this summer, sneaking into pools and failing at my 'one painting a week' schedule. college girls reunion one of these days, right? miss you girls now more than ever before i think. also, my life is the most boring i've decided.

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Claire said...

I am at my first day of work. it is 11:19 and I have already read the NYTimes front section and figured out how to stream the japan/cameroon soccer game.
but, i took the bus downtown with steve this morning which might be a nice ritual, especially if we start biking.
i have a boring summer too, but i'm going to be happy i think. come visit chicago all the time. i think i really blew it with emily because she leaves tomorrow and i haven't seen her yet!